Grape Seed Extract

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Product Code: YA-OPC021
Active Ingredients: OPC(Oligomeric Procyanidins)
Specification: 95%
Assay method: UV
Botanical Source: Vitis vinifera
Plant Part Used: Seed
Appearance: Reddish brown Powder
Cas No.: 84929-27-1
Shelf life: 2 years
Certificates: NON-GMO, HALAL, KOSHER, SC

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Product Name: Grape Seed Extract                                     Molecular formula: C30H12O6

Extraction solvent: Ethanol and water                                   Molecular weight: 468.42

Country of Origin: China                                                          Irradiation: Non-irradiated

Identification: TLC                                                                    GMO: Non-GMO

Carrier/Excipients: None                                                         HS CODE: 1302199099

Grape Seed Extracts are industrial derivative from whole grape seed that have a great concentration of OPC. The OPC has widely found from many plant species after it was firstly discovered by French scientist Jacques Masquelier from peanut shell. Human case reports and and results from laboratory and animal studies provide preliminary evidence that grape seed extract having antioxidant, no poisonous and anti-inflammatory.


1. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.

2.Anti-oxidant activity.

3.Reduce cancer risk.

4. Has anti-inflammatory, removal of swollen.

5. Enhance vascular strength (strengthening the blood vessels the flexibility of the wall

Packing details:

Inner packing: Double PE bag

Outer packing: Drum ( Paper drum or Iron ring drum)

Delivery time: Within 7 days after get the payment

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