Cinnamon Bark Extract

Short Description:

It was extracted from the dried bark of Cinnamomum cassia Presl, with red brown powder, special smell, spicy and sweet taste, Active ingredients is Cinnamon polyphenols, Cinnamon polyphenol is a plant polyphenol, which can promote the synthesis of collagen in human body after being absorbed by human body, and can remove free radicals of the body. It can accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, increase the activity of skin cells, and delay skin aging.

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Product Description:

Product Name: Cinnamon Bark Extract
CAS NO.: 8007-80-5
Molecular formula: C10H12O2.C9H10
Molecular weight: 282.37678
Extraction solvent:Ethanol and water
Country of Origin: China
Irradiation: Non-irradiated
Identification: TLC

Storage:Keep container unopened in cool, dry place.
Package: Inner packing: double PE bags, outer packing : drum or paper drum.
Net weight: 25KG/Drum, can be packed in according to your need.

Function and Usage:

* Anti-inflammatory effect, enhance human immune function;
* Antioxidant effect;
* Hypoglycemic effect;
* Anti-cardiovascular disease;
Available Specification:Cinnamon Polyphenols 10%-30%

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    Polyphenols ≥10.00% UV
    Appearance Red brown powder Visual
    Odor & Taste Characteristic Visual & taste
    Loss on drying ≤5.00% GB 5009.3
    Sulphated ash ≤5.00% GB 5009.4
    Particle size 100%Through 80 mesh USP<786>
    Heavy metals ≤10ppm GB 5009.74
    Arsenic (As) ≤1.0ppm GB 5009.11
    Lead (Pb) ≤3.0ppm GB 5009.12
    Cadmium (Cd) ≤1.0ppm GB 5009.15
    Mercury (Hg) ≤0.1ppm GB 5009.17
    Total plate count <1000cfu/g GB 4789.2
    Moulds&Yeasts <100cfu/g GB 4789.15
    E.Coli Negative GB 4789.3
    Salmonella Negative GB 4789.4
    Staphylococcus Negative GB 4789.10

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