Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

Short Description:

Product Code: YA-FL012
Product Name: Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract
Active Ingredients: Flavone , Lactones
Specification: Flavone 24%, Lactones 6%
Assay method: HPLC
Botanical Source: Ginkgo biloba L.
Plant Part Used: Leaves
Appearance: Brown yellow powder
Cas No.: 90045-36-6
Certificates: NON-GMO, HALAL, KOSHER, SC

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Basic Information:

Product Name: Gingko Biloba Extract                                                  Molecular formula: C15H18O8

Extraction solvent: Ethanol and water                                                   Molecular weight: 326.3

Country of Origin: China                                                                         Irradiation: Non-irradiated

Identification: TLC                                                                                   GMO: Non-GMO

Carrier/Excipients: None                                                                        HS CODE: 1302199099

Plant characters:

Ginkgo biloba L. is a plant of ginkgo family and genus. Arbor, up to 40 meters high, diameter at breast height up to 4 meters; The bark of young trees is shallow longitudinal crack, and the bark of big trees is gray brown, deep longitudinal crack and rough; The crown of young and middle-aged trees is conic, while the crown of old trees is broadly ovate. Leaves fan-shaped, long petiole, light green, glabrous, with many forked parallel veinlets, 5-8 cm wide at the top, often undulate notched on the short branch, often 2-lobed on the long branch, and broadly cuneate at the base. The bulbs are dioecious, unisexual and clustered in the axils of scalelike leaves at the top of short branches; Male cones catkin like, pendulous. Seeds with long stalks, pendulous, often elliptic, long obovate, ovoid or nearly spherical.

Function and Usage:

1. Antioxidant
Ginkgo biloba P.E. may play an antioxidant role in the brain, retina and cardiovascular system. Its antioxidant effects in the brain and central nervous system may help prevent age-related brain decline. The antioxidant activity of Ginkgo biloba extract in the brain is particularly interesting. The brain and central nervous system are particularly vulnerable to free radicals. Free radical-induced brain damage is widely considered to be a contributing factor to many diseases associated with aging, including Alzheimer’s disease.
2. Anti-aging
Ginkgo biloba P.E. Extract of Ginkgo biloba improves cerebral blood flow and has an excellent tonic effect on nervous system.
3. Resistance to dementia
4. Mediation of premenstrual discomfort
5. Adjustment of eye problems
Flavonoids in Ginkgo biloba may stop or alleviate some retinopathy. There are many possible causes of retinal damage, including diabetes and macular lesions. Optic macular disease (commonly known as senile macular disease or ARMD) is a progressive degenerative eye disease, which is prone to occur in the elderly. It is the main cause of blindness in the United States. Studies suggest that ginkgo may help maintain vision in patients with ARMD.
6. Treatment of hypertension

Packing details:

Inner packing: Double PE bag

Outer packing: Drum ( Paper drum or Iron ring drum)

Delivery time: Within 7 days after get the payment

Payment type: T/T 


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