Relationship between Uniwell & Growth

May I ask what’s the relationship between your company and Shandong Growth?
Growth was established in 2010 and is one of the largest domestic production enterprises of polygonum cuspidatum extract. Uniwell is the agent for the sales business of Growth products, and responsible for the promotion, sales and service of polygonum cuspidatum extract. Growth has carried out the construction of the raw material planting base of polygonum cuspidatum in Dongming County, Shandong Province, and now has a standardized cultivation base of 6.67 km². After nearly 20 years of exploitation of wild resources of polygonum cuspidatum, the long-term development of polygonum cuspidatum products is restricted both in content and quantity. The guarantee of planting base lays a good foundation for the long-term development of polygonum cuspidatum extract.